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The latest big update to the Google search engines, dubbed Panda, has left many websites less visible as Google has reduced their visibility for dubious ‘keyword stuffing’ and links from articles sites such as EzineArticles.

Websites marketed with good solid Google approved marketing techniques were not affected. But many websites relying on outsourced link building, meaningless article generation or keyword stuffing have been penalised.

Google is simply trying to get quality results, so does not like webpages full of errors, webpages with hundreds of links, or webpages overstuffed with keyword. It is giving preference to reputable sources.

So what about blogs? Many have been badly hit, especially those using blogging software and those using the keyword SEO plugins as they appear to stuff the page full of keywords. Blogs need to have good quality content, and not look to Google like yet another personal blog.

Another impact for some blogs is a further change to the Google search engines regarding sub domains. These are again being linked with the main domain. The advantages of a being seen as a different identity are reduced. And the impact for the many subdomain sites of blogging software companies is not good.

So be cautious with blogs and consider their disadvantages – see why blogs are bad for business.

As always with Google it seems that the best advice is simply to be generating excellent content and keeping this up to date with a blogging system that treats the Google robots with respect.  The Cornish CMS blog or new module was designed to do just this, and websites using this have not been at all adversely impacted by Panda.

Blogs can be used effectively and how to implement a successful blog gave a few tips on this

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