The Changing Face of Facebook Marketing


Facebook marketing is changing. Many businesses have now built up a loyal fan and base on their Facebook profile and are now thinking about the next level of marketing.  

Now that brands have gained a good amount of followers they are looking to advertise their products to these customers with specific adverts.

This means that the focus of Facebook marketing for many businesses is now on developing brand advertising to grow stronger loyalty and retention from customers.

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Previously the focus of advertising was to get loads of fans but many businesses are now realising this is pointless if they aren’t likely to convert into customers.

Facebook adverts have to be targeted and relevant in order to engage fans and turn them from followers into customers.

So advertising on Facebook is becoming more sophisticated as the popularity of this social networking site as a business marketing tool develops.

Cornish WebServices are experts in social media. We provide social media management to a number of our clients and can advise businesses on how to make the most of the social networks to market their business.

To find out more about our social media services then contact us today or browse our social media pages.

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