LinkedIn Gets More Social


In an effort to compete with websites like Facebook, LinkedIn is further adapting its user interface to make it more of a ‘social’ network.

LinkedIn was previously primarily a text-based networking site that acted rather like a CV for a company or an individual; listing qualifications, professional history and services etc. It was an information service that did not necessarily foster social communication.

However, the site is being gradually updated to be more visual - allowing the user to add more images etc. There are also algorithms tweaks that will improve personalisation and the possibility of more social interaction on the site.

LinkedIn is making these changes for business as well as personal accounts. New company pages are to be made streamlined and personal to each user. There will be room for a large banner image at the top. This can be used to define brand personality.

The content feed has also been streamlined to eliminate clutter and be more relevant to the user, giving them up to date news on a company. An algorithm determines what each person will see based on their own LinkedIn details.

There are also some significant changes to products and services in the company pages. They used to be accessed by a tab at the top of the page but now there is a more noticeable products and services module.

Some of these changes are similar to what Facebook has done with its Timeline recently. Because LinkedIn is now more directed to the individual it is hoped this will encourage content sharing. The design will be rolled out over the coming months.

Cornish WebServices keep up to date on what is going on in the world of social media. We follow all the latest updates that the social networks make in order to feed the information back to our clients. This helps us provide a better social media service.

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