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Instagram is the perfect way for brands to connect with an audience online. Because it is an image-based social media site, it is ideal for consumer brands and any business using photos to promote their products or services.

When Instagram started out it was predominantly a way to share photos amongst friends. It has now developed into an effective social media platform to market your business using images and short messages.

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There are several ways that Instagram can be used to market your business online. Instagram was first used on mobiles, but is now increasingly accessed via the web. Even though it can be used on both iPhone and Android, many people like to browse the site on their computers.

The launch of Instagram Profiles last November has given marketers an opportunity to promote their business on the web. This feature makes it easy to create a ‘story’ for your brand, featuring product or company pictures with call to actions linking back to your website.

There are several specific ways for businesses to connect with customers on the net via Instagram. Businesses can include testimonials from happy customers or include images of clients on their Instagram Profiles.

Another thing businesses can do to increase the reach of Instagram Profiles and cement relationships with customers is to reward followers with promotional codes.  

If businesses have gained followers who browse their images and comment on photos, then rewarding them with money off discounts and promotions will mean they remain loyal.

Instagram is also good for companies that are holding events. They can give prospective attendees a visual and location for their event. They can also take photos of their booth or stand at a trade show and post these on Instagram.

So there are several ways to use Instagram to promote businesses. It is a really creative social media website that suits forward-thinking businesses who want to promote themselves visually online.

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