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Google keeps saying it as do good Internet Marketers - Content is still king!

internet marketingBe it a website, blog or social network people want to see something fresh, interesting and relevant and when they find it that’s when all the hard work starts to fall into place especial on social media sites like Facebook.

When one of your social followers finds content they feel able to engage with you can get a number of positive responses including likes, comments and shares. When people share your content, your Page name travels with it giving your company greater exposure to a much wider audience. Thus increasing your social community reach.

One of the best ways to make content pop is by coupling interesting posts with great images. By adding an original photo to your posts you can make it standout in a sea of wall posts.

Stuck for ideas for a standout image why not try a screenshot with a top tip or photo of behind the scenes at work asking people for a caption. If this isn’t appropriate think of add an inspirational or thought-provoking quote to a photo. Just make sure you are following photo copyright laws.

internet marketing

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