Google+ or Bust


It looks like Google+ is beginning to gain a following. Usage at the beginning of January was up 55% compared to November.

This means more people are signing up to use the alternative to Facebook and the website now has an estimated 62 million users.

Google+ was marketed as a site that gives you more control over social groups and the information you share. There will certainly be users who appreciate this, as Facebook continues to be criticised for the way it uses personal information.

The significant increase in new users is great news for Google as their social networking site is a big investment for the company. If Google can get it right then they can tap into the fact that many social network users feel they want to be part of the next big thing.

However the big hike in Google+ usage may be down to people finding more to time to explore the site because of the Christmas holidays. Only time will tell if there is a consistent increase in usage and if Google+ will really threaten to steal Facebook’s crown.

The social network was made available to businesses late last year, having previously only been available for social profiles. So if businesses adopt Google+ to promote themselves online this could help its popularity take off.

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