Is Google+ the Best Social Media Site for Business SEO?


If you own an online business and want to boost your SEO with social media then you’ll need to know the best sites to do this with.

Google+ is currently considered to be the best site for SEO. Even though it is still not as universally popular as Facebook, if you are thinking about SEO it is the one to get you ranking highly on the search engines - particularly Google.

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This is not surprising of course as Google+ is after all a Google product. But there are some other things that make this social media site good for online business search engine optimisation, as opposed to other social media sites.

The Google Business Centre on Google+ (previously known as Google Local and Google Places) is great for business use. If you list your business using this tool it will be highly visible in the search engines.

You can easily adjust business information like contact details or opening times. These business listings can also be easily optimised to ensure you get a good place on the search engines.

Facebook business listings are also easy to use and popular, with good networking features that allow you to get your marketing message out to those who have followed your page.

However, it is only people that have ‘friended’ your business that can see your updates. Conversely Google+ business listings are available in public search, making the content on this site highly searchable.

This gives Google’s social site a big plus in terms of SEO value. Comparing this to Facebook’s business optimisation abilities clearly shows Google+ as the front runner for business marketing currently.

So if you want to gain authority in Google’s search engine, which after all is still the most popular search engine, you really cannot beat Google+ in terms of SEO value for your business.

Cornish WebServices can advise on the best social media sites for business SEO and keep you informed of any changes that may affect which sites you use. If you would like to take advantage of our expert social media services then call us today on 01227 686898.

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