Google+ Can Boost Online Marketing


Google+ is a rapidly growing social network and now has 250 million users. Google will soon make a Google+ account mandatory for all Gmail account holders so this will help to further boost the number of users.

Google+ is a really great tool for marketing businesses online. Because it allows users to tailor updates to different audiences within different Circles, it can be a great way to personalise marketing messages to customers and followers.

Google+ business pages also naturally show up high in search results, which makes it a great tool forsearch engine optimisation.

There are some things that can be done to ensure Google+ profiles appear high up on the search engines too, for instance an About Us page should include plenty of relevant keywords and links.

Business users should post regularly on Google+ if they want to achieve followers and interest their audience. Plus they should also respond to any engagement they get and find relevant conversations and users to engage with.

Google+ also has a new Events feature which allows companies to send customised invitations out to anyone online, once accepted these invitations automatically sync with Google Calendar.

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google+ and internet marketing

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