Don’t Give Up on Google+


Although take up of Google+ may have not been as fast as some of the other social sites it is worth persevering with Google+ because it has some great benefits for businesses.

Google+ has good points and it is worth considering these in order to establish a successful approach towards using this social website to market your business online.

Firstly it is a Google website. This means it has immediate cache and using it could bring you benefits on the most popular UK search engine – Google Search.

Google encourages people to use several of their products and participate in Google Cloud – so your website could rank higher just by using their social networking site.

As time goes on this will become more relevant too because eventually Google+ is intended to be a layer on top of other Google sites and products – making it part of the Google experience as a whole.

Google+ also looks more professional and contemporary than a lot of its rival social sites. It is a destination site where people want to be seen, especially as it is still fairly new and people want to be on board with anything new in social media.

Another benefit of Google+ for business as it has better privacy settings than other social sites and allows you to group colleagues, clients and friends into circles that all function separately.

Google+ is also launching some new features that ensure Google+ is suitable for business. These include private sharing of posts within an organisation, plus video meetings that can be integrated with Gmail, Google Calendar and Docs.

So getting to grips with Google+ and integrating with other Google programs in the Google Cloud could really be essential for your business in the future.

Cornish WebServices offer social media management that helps businesses realise the benefits of using social networks. We can create and manage Google+, Twitter and Facebook accounts for clients, in order to best position their brand on the internet.

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