The Online Marketing Possibilities of Google+ Communities


Google+ Communities is the latest functionality update from Google+. Launched in early December this new feature will help to continue to make Google+ unique in the social media sphere and add to the user’s experience.

Google+ already has some popular features including Google+ Hangouts that make it more of a targeted and personal social media platform than other social media sites. Google+ Communities will only help further this distinction and make the site more of a competitor to sites like Facebook.

In fact Google+ Communities is actually a similar idea to Facebook or LinkedIn Groups. These are online discussion groups centred on particular topics. These types of groups help users engage with each other on the social networks.

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Google+ Communities lets you post in both public and private Communities. You can also filter conversation streams by topics and categories to make your online conversations more targeted to your interests. It is seamlessly integrated with all other Google+ features.

The great thing about Google+ Communities is that it gives online businesses and brands the chance to market themselves in a more natural way than advertising. For instance brands can come in on conversation streams, allowing them to get their message out there in a less obviously commercial way.

This new feature is also a great way for individuals, or expert staff within a company, to show off their specialist knowledge. Experts can engage in thought leadership within discussion groups. This helps to build authority around people with particular specialisms or knowledge of certain topics.

So Google+ are really helping to elevate the possibilities of brand and individual promotion with their new Communities feature. It really does reveal how important the social networks are for online marketing and PR.

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