Facebook Introduces Sponsored Search Results


Facebook has now officially launched sponsored search results, an API it had been testing last month.

This new feature allows advertisers to target those looking for apps, pages or places and direct them to a link in the search result which goes directly to the app or page etc.

This feature does not allow advertisers to direct people offsite, but merely to additional content on Facebook. It is aimed at raising awareness of a sponsors application, page or place.

These paid ads appear above the top organic search results, allowing the advertiser to divert traffic to their sponsored search result.

The fact that they are sponsored is made clear to the user by use of bold lettering above the ad and Facebook users have the option to hide these ads if they find them intrusive.

This is yet another development in Facebook’s advertising model. Cornish WebServices keep up to date with all the latest Facebook developments as part of our social media service.

We then pass this knowledge onto our clients through our social media management. For more information on how we can create a successful social media presence for you on the internet contact us today.

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