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Social shopping is the latest social networking activity. It involves shopping and sharing ideas online with a group of like minded people. Online friends can comment, share and recommend purchases from different online shops.

One of the easiest ways to do this is through Facebook Likes. There is a function in Facebook where you can add a like button to specific items for sale on a website.

This is a great idea for a fashion website for instance. On each page with an individual item of clothing on it, there can be a Like button so that the shopper can share their favourite items with friends.

The persons Likes will then show up on their Facebook Wall and hence advertise their prospective purchases to friends, who can then comment or Like the item too. This works well on fashion websites like Asos and Topshop.

If you own an online shop you too can add these Like buttons via Facebook. It is a great idea for ecommerce retailers to set up a Facebook profile.

Having a social media presence works really well for online shops, as it drives people through to your website and gets you seen more online. You can also give people money off discounts or other offers if they Like your Facebook Page.

If you do not have a Facebook presence for your e-commerce site, Cornish WebServices can set this up for you, allowing you to publicize your products via the social network.

We have created Facebook Pages for many previous clients, providing them with an extra internet marketing tool.

For a social media strategy quote contact Cornish WebServices today.

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