Facebook’s Sponsored News Ticker


There have been many recent changes to the Facebook Newsfeed including a 'News Ticker'.

Facebook have now also announced the News Ticker will contain adverts. The sponsored adverts will appear on the Ticker at the top right of the Facebook page, which shows quick news updates.

Some users are unhappy with this development, saying the change is to boost Facebook’s growing advertising platform and does not benefit the subsciber. Instead, perhaps, it bombards them with more adverts when there are already plenty on the site.

For more on this social media story read mashable.com

Posted by Peter Pachal, 22nd November 2011.


Facebook continually makes changes to its platform to increase the sharing and personalisation of information. However it has been criticised for updates that seem to gather subscriber’s information for advertising and other purposes. Cornish WebServices can advise you on using Facebook for business and making sure the updates are working for you.

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