Facebook Mobile Ads Get More Sophisticated


Those that advertise on Facebook specifically to target mobile phone users will be pleased to know that the look of ads has been improved.

You can get more colour and content in your Facebook ads now. This is great for making an impact on the smaller screen of mobiles and is likely to improve click through rates from Facebook mobile ads.

In the past Facebook mobile ads were often rather dull and did not contain enough description. This meant that people would scroll past them and not bother even clicking on them.mobile ads

They now contain colourful banners and allow for space for a good amount of advertising copy. The ads are still designed to remain subtle however, in order to not interrupt the user during their browsing.

Facebook mobile advertising is still a fairly new concept, with the first ads being used in March of this year. This means it is still in its early days but is now developing as a viable and engaging form of advertising.

The popular social network have really got on board with mobile advertising and are beginning to prove critics wrong who said that mobile browsing would dent its ads business.

Facebook have actually embraced the possiblities of advertising and mobile website design by realising that if you have less room to show ads, each one needs to be more eye-catching.

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