Facebook Moves into Emails and Texting


Facebook has added yet more usability to its social networking site by providing email and text capabilities to its users

It is now directly rivalling free email sites like Hotmail and Google’s Gmail in its bid to become the number one web platform. Users are likely to respond well to the idea of a one-stop communication hub.

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Google has one company as its main competition: Facebook. That's right, Facebook is working to become the web platform for literally all communication. Its latest move is into email and texting.  For Google, this is a problem.

This move positions Facebook as becoming the all-in-one communication platform.  As Google has worked to dominate search with the help of providing free emails to the planet, this add-on by Facebook is another step toward them being the dominant web platform.

Written by Joe Pulizzi, May 19th 2011.


This latest move by Facebook serves to reinforce its dominance over social media and now other types of digital communication. So it is perhaps more  critical than ever to keep a close eye on Facebook, see the what your competitors and customers are doing with it and react accordingly.

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