What is the Value of Facebook Ads?


Although Facebook ads allow advertisers to reach an extremely large group of potential and often targeted buyers (Facebook usage has now reached nearly 1 billion), some people question the value of these ads and whether they’re really worth it.

Firstly you have to rely on people actually being Facebook users to see your ads. Although it is a popular social site by no means all people are on it and many actively choose to steer clear – especially the older generation.

So although you might reach young people and product consumers with Facebook ads it may not be the best form of online advertising for targeting business people or more mature internet users.

Even if you want to target the Facebook demographic it is not guaranteed that your Facebook advertisement will reach everyone. These ads are competing with each other for attention the whole time so there is a real possibility your will get lost.

Some say that users don’t even notice these ads and advertisers have taken notice of this, with the recent example of General Motors pulling all their Facebook paid ads earlier this year.

The truth is that Facebook paid advertising is still in its infancy and time will tell whether the adverts and Facebook itself will be a useful advertising platform.

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