Using Instagram to Promote Businesses


Instagram has become a popular app to customise photos and upload them to share on the social networks. It can be used to share photos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Foursquare.

Hootsuite has also recently added the app to its directory so that it can be utilised by Hootsuite users.

Instagram was bought by Facebook in April 2012 and they plan to develop the app more so that photos can be seen online and not just via the mobile app.

Instagram is a free mobile sharing app that works like an instant photo customiser. It allows users to add filters and effects to their photographs to give them a customised and creative look.

It is particularly popular for personal use but can also be used to promote businesses and make them more visible on the internet.

Ways that it can be used for business promotion include showing images of products that a company sells. Particularly if a company is consumer facing then using Instagram is a really creative way to showcase products.

Instagram can still be useful for a service based business too. It can be used to show equipment or products that are used to provide services. If you think about Instagram creatively then there are so many ways it can be used for business.

Other promotional ways to use Instagram could include using it to preview products, show what they can do or show the behind the scenes development of a new product or service.

Instagram is a great tool to give followers an exclusive view of what a business does. It could also be used to show behind the scenes at an office or introduce members of staff.

So when you next want to promote your company with images try the creative possibilities of Instagram to really get your business noticed on the social networks.

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