Optimising Facebook Business Profiles for Graph Search

Graph Search is Facebook’s new information sharing tool. As it becomes more popular marketers want to make the most of its possibilities so it can be used to elevate their internet marketing.

Although Facebook Graph Search is currently only available for personal profiles it actually offers a wealth of online marketing possibilities to businesses and it is worth optimising your business profile for future use.

facebook graph search

Facebook Graph Search involves searching pieces of information like ‘restaurants nearby’ or ‘places my friends have been to’ based on the information your friends have put on Facebook.

So if you own a restaurant or tourist destination for instance and a number of people have liked your establishment, when their friends search for ‘places my friends have been to’  - your establishment could come up in this list.

Therefore it is worth making your profile as interesting and appealing as possible so that you gain the highest number of followers. This way you are likely to come up in more Facebook Graph Searches and therefore spread the word about your business as far as possible.

If Facebook does roll out the service so that those with a business profile can search the information their connections have included on their own business profiles, then this will be an even bigger step in marketing businesses online. In the mean time get your business profile as popular as possible in order to make the most of current social marketing possibilities.

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Published on 01/03/2013

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