Why To Use A Professional Leather Cleaner


If you’ve ever had an oil spillage or tried to get gum off a leather sofa then you know how painful leather cleaning can be. There are lots of things to consider, including the type of leather and the type of stain, so a lot of the time it is far more beneficial to get in a professional leather cleaner instead!

If you’ve had a broken pen or other ink splatter, ball point ink is by far the most troublesome as it is an oil-based ink. Fountain pens or rollerball pens are less painful because they are usually water-based inks which are easier to clean off. Although it is not impossible to get rid of ink stains, especially if you hire a professional leather cleaning service, you need to know the right methods and make sure the technique is tested on a small, unobtrusive area before tackling the whole surface at once.

Getting gum off leather is very tricky indeed. You can freeze it and then pick it off, but the trouble with this is that it often results in rough patches or coloured stains, and it is tricky to do without also leaving water stains from the act of freezing itself. Some people use the opposite method, warming the gum back to softness using a hair dryer, but this can prove tricky in terms of leaving small traces behind so it can be difficult to get rid of all of the gum.

Many home-handy people will swear by lighter fluid as a gum softener, but it is incredibly difficult to use this method without getting lighter fluid onto the leather itself, which will damage decent leather and stain quite deeply. You can use various commercial gum cleaning solutions, but make sure you wipe the leather down properly with soap and water and then a dry cloth to make sure you don’t ruin the finish afterwards.

Unless you don’t mind potentially ruining your leather furniture or car interiors, it is far better to hire a professional leather cleaner who can use all the expert techniques and special cleaning products needed to give a proper finish and guarantee a good result. Properly done leather cleaning can also enhance the general appearance of leather furnishings and finishes and will also extend its life so it is well worth investing, since proper leather furniture is not cheap to replace! Many cleaners also offer leather repair and refinishing services too, so in the unlikely event that something does get damaged during the cleaning process they will be able to remedy this straight away.

If you are in the Liverpool region or anywhere in northwest England, Furnicure can provide professional leather cleaning and leather repair services using the latest techniques at very reasonable prices.

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