Calling a London Plumber


Minor plumbing problems can be handled on your own but if you live in the City and run into serious issues (which may or may not involve water spraying everywhere) you may need the help of a professional London plumber. A certified plumber can help you resolve your issues easily and rapidly. There are a few reasons which could necessitate calling in a professional, so let’s have a look at them.

If you are undertaking construction or renovation work in the City, a certified London plumber can be helpful in laying down the pipelines to follow the blueprints of your building. It is essential to ensure that you are hiring a professional London plumber who has the necessary expertise to lay down pipelines perfectly, otherwise this can cause no end of trouble afterwards.

In fact, along with the negligence of existing householders who do not maintain plumbing properly, most plumbing issues are due to underlying faults with the original installation.

Clogged drains are exceptionally common and are usually the culprit of negligence on the part of the householder. Common causes are hair piling up in the drains, and encrusted fats or similarly greasy substances on the drain walls. Some people even flush quite bulky material such as nappies, napkins and sanitary products which are notorious for causing blockages which are entirely due to human error but still require expert plumbing services to solve.

There can also be unfortunate cases which force City residents to call a London plumber. For example, tree roots can invade pipelines to cause blocking and bursts, requiring an immediate call to plumbing services. Dripping pipelines and taps are also hazardous in the City, requiring an immediate call to a London plumber. While a small water drip can seem a minor matter (provided the noise doesn’t drive you mad at night) it will account for several litres of water which can add up to a lot of extra money on water bills. Excess water can cause minor flooding and fill rooms with humidity which can also lead to smells, peeling wallpaper and fungal growth (which brings its own associated health hazards). Additionally, if leaking pipes cross over electrical wires short circuits become almost inevitable, along with the associated fire risks.

You should always make sure that if you are hiring a London plumber you end up with one who is sufficiently experienced and accredited to get the job done properly for you. For reliable plumbing maintenance, repairs and emergency callouts in the London area, contact Plumb Maintenance at

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