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The start of the New Year is the time when we all review the previous year and compare performance with the previous year. Of course this activity can (and should) happen throughout the year, but it is in January that most people want to read comparisons of website visitors from one year to the next.

Analysing website visitors is a very important part of Internet Marketing. To be successful or give useful advice it is important to know underlying trends in the market and see how your website is doing in comparison.

2009 has overall been a good year for clients of Cornish WebServices Internet Marketing Services.

The average increase in visitors on all websites we carry out search marketing for has been a massive 590% increase comparing 2009 to 2008. This data is based on over 5.5 million website visitors across just over 30 different websites and mostly represents an increase in visitors from SEO work. In some cases there has been paid search as well. The largest increases are generally seen for new clients as the first year of SEO work generally gives the highest returns. In fact almost all websites showing increases of more than 200% were new client accounts in 2009. 

In terms of market sectors, the market sector showing the largest increase is the Tourism sector, followed by health, with some ecommerce and B2B sectors clients showing large increases. 

The very high increases in visitor numbers from some initial SEO work gives a good headline figure, but what about websites which Cornish WebServices have been optimising for five or more years? These have all been at the top of Google for many phrases for many years and our work involves both maintaining these positions and increasing the keywords for which the websites are top. The average increase in website visitors for these websites is about 14% comparing 2009 to 2008

The above figures do not represent the actual market, and the recession may have hit some markets such that total volume of searches has actually declined; they represent the types of increases possible when investing in medium and long term SEO work. These figures certainly show that investment in Internet Marketing can boost website visitors significantly even in a recession.


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