Which websites get more website traffic over Christmas?


Christmas Day is a low day for many websites, but not all. There are some websites which see a large increase in traffic from Christmas Day onwards and these include tourism and holiday websites, health and healthcare websites.

There will be increases in traffic as well to some ecommerce websites as soon as the sales start, but for most of these the week before Christmas was also a peak time, and in reality the week after Christmas may be lower than the pre Christmas rush.

The majority of tourism industry clients of Cornish WebServices see a slow decline in visitor numbers throughout December, reach a low point on the 24th or 25th of December, after which there is a very rapid rise in visitors numbers to values higher than the start of December. This is particularly noticeable with natural search visitors.

A similar trend is observed in the healthcare industry, except the decline in December is often shorter in length than in the tourism sector.
Virtually all business websites see a huge fall in traffic over the Christmas week, although a few see an increase in useful leads; these are generally B2B type leads for follow up the following week.


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