Video SEO can Boost Internet Marketing


When using SEO, many people concentrate on optimising their website content or offsite articles in order to boost search engine optimisation for their online business.

I recently discussed how SEO can be used in conjunction with offline promotions, such as marketing and PR, but did you also know that it can be used in conjunction with online video?

Video can be posted onto video sites like You Tube to expand marketing efforts as well as improve search engine optimisation. It is a very good internet marketing tool because so many people watch it.

Video content is easily viewable and shareable, it can have a real impact on the viewer and if cleverly done really helps to get your message across to a wide audience.

Plus video content is popular with the search engines as they are now placing increased emphasis on multi-media content.

Videos to promote your business can be simple and still effective. As long as you make them entertaining, relevant and brief it will encourage people to watch and share your content.

Also make sure that your video content is properly branded as this will create a more lasting impact on the viewer.

Video content can be embedded on your website – but think about streaming and bandwidth before you do this.

The alternative is to use websites like YouTube to post your video content. You Tube can act like a search engine but you need to optimise content for these sites in order to get the best SEO.

This can be done by various means. Quality content is the first step but you can also do other things to boost SEO. These include sharing video content, giving the video a good title and description that includes keywords and using keyword tags effectively.

Also remember to post links to the video from your website and link back to your website from your You Tube description. Follow these rules and you can easily boost the SEO value of your video content.

Cornish WebServices can offer optimisation of video content. We can either optimise videos that are already on video channels or add video content to these channels that we optimise from the start.  

For more information on our video SEO and marketing then please contact us today to find out more.

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