Siri: Overstated or the next best thing for SEO?

Has Siri really change the landscape of SEO?

The web is expanding exponentially and thanks to smartphones, the mobile market is fast becoming an interesting and up and coming aspect of internet marketing. Now home to more than 4 billion connected smart phones we shouldn’t ignore the incremental changes in how consumers search and behave with mobile technology. Statistics say that by 2014 mobile usage will overtake desktop traffic which is a significant event in world of mobile.

Almost one year in November 2011 many coined the advancement of apples Siri technology as the death of SEO as we know it. Those who understood the SEO industry called this a dramatic overstatement as that there was too much investment in the use of traditional SEO, for it to disappear overnight. A year on this proved to be true as siri hasn’t quite radicalised the way users are searching. But has Siri called for companies to seriously asses their activity in the mobile space?

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Search Engine Optimisation in the Mobile World

Siri is a voice recognition app, however, this is just the too that drives this app which has the function of searching, updating calendars and sending emails. This may reduce the likelihood of users opening the web browser to search for a particular product or service. But does this mean search engines are obsolete. Not in the slightest as Over time most of the data users access will be derived from search engines. Siri may have ‘ruffled some feathers’ but this doesn’t mean a radical shift in the way internet marketing is done as yet.

Instead, marketers should think that Siri may present unique opportunities and challenges for marketers. The SEO industry is always changing and evolving and will continue to do so with the development of this technology in the foreseeable future. When approach intelligently Siri may be used to complement or bolster existing strategies in the future.

On the other hand, research has suggest that mobile browsing will only take over desktop browsing during particular hour of the day. This proves to be an interesting concept and testifies to the need to be covering all the angles in both spaces to make sure you have a sustained presense regardless of apparatus used. 

In the meantime, mobile technology should be taken seriously and businesses should think about how they can excel in the mobile landscape through thier mobile website, in the years to come. Companies should be open to broadening into the mobile marketing if they want to take full advantage of a change in consumer behaviour.

Published on 30/10/2012

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