How Google's SEO Update Could Affect You


Google’s latest ‘Penguin’ algorithm update downgrades sites it suspects of artificially boosting rankings. This will affect sites that are stuffed with keywords, inbound links or are overly search engine optimised.

There are some specific things to avoid doing if you want to make sure your website is not affected by these algorithm changes. Firstly, steer clear of paying for inbound links as this is something that could damage your website rankings.

If you write external subject articles that link back to your website make sure that you choose quality article sites. Articles websites like Ezine Articles were downgraded by the last algorithm update, but still provide a good platform for quality articles.

Some articles sites are not high quality however and have been heavily penalised by Google for article farming. Steer clear of these as they may damage your rankings.

Ultimately Google is discouraging paid links and low-quality website links with its Penguin algorithm update. They want to reduce the large amounts of web spam across the internet.

However if you write quality content on your website and make sure any offsite content is well written and only contains a few relevant links, you shouldn’t have a problem.

As Matt Cutts, a Google Engineer, says: "The Penguin algorithm update was designed to reduce web spam, which is when websites try to get a higher search ranking than they deserve by deceiving or manipulating search engines."

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