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The theory and practice of SEO is forever changing. With Google’s regular algorithm updates it means that online marketers have to constantly adapt their methods if they are going to keep up with the changes.

Because many online companies are affected by algorithm updates, they are now thinking of turning the clock back to use more traditional types of marketing - combined with modern marketing techniques - to boost search engine optimisation.

Online methods of search engine optimisation such as using quality written content, keyword optimisation and back links can be combined in innovative ways with other types of marketing.

However the algorithm centric approach is so susceptible to changes that is requires people to keep adapting and many online companies don’t have the time or resources to do this.

Working with the algorithms still has its place but people also have to find different methods if they are going to make sure that they always stay at the top of the search engines.

The way to approach internet marketing is to keep an overall marketing edge with the search engines in mind. For instance one approach is to establish social networks to promote a company online, as this is one direction that marketing is taking.

 Kent internet marketingKeeping an eye on mobile usage is also part of thinking about an overall marketing approach as mobile marketing seems to be another future proof approach. Using these methods combined with traditional marketing techniques like PR can really help to boost a company’s presence online.

For example writing press releases that promote a company’s news and developments can help them to be picked up in traditional press and online publications, helping their message to quickly spread online.

So in these days of ever changing algorithms, adopting an approach that combines all types of online and offline marketing can really help to boost business.

Cornish WebServices offer a complete marketing service to our clients, we combine online and offline marketing to make sure they are promoted in the optimum way. For information about our SEO and marketing methods browse our website.

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