Search and Social

Search engine optimisation and social media are increasingly being used in conjunction to promote businesses online.

Business website owners can attract more people to their websites and encourage more conversions by integrating SEO and social media.

seo and social

There are constant changes happening with SEO and social media that impact how businesses should use them to promote themselves online.

Graph Search is a new social media tool from Facebook that allows users to search information and photos based on their friend’s information.

This will have a big impact in the personal social sphere but may also become a way for businesses to interact online and boost their search engine optimisation.

There is already integration between Google+ business profiles and associated content in search results. So, increasingly social media is having an impact on SEO and vice versa.

In the future it will become virtually impossible to build successful organic search optimisation without a robust social presence.

Cornish WebServices can offer expert consultancy on both SEO and social media. We know how to integrate the two to provide a successful complete online marketing strategy.

For more information on our internet marketing management call us on 0330 555 4680.

Published on 28/02/2013

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