Measuring ROI from Organic SEO

When you use organic SEO or natural search, it is important to measure return on investment to make sure you are getting something back for the effort that is put in.

Although organic SEO outcomes are not easy to measure, there are some metrics out there that can offer a good idea of whether your natural search engine optimisation is indeed paying off.

Many businesses that don’t manage their own organic search but instead use the services of an SEO management agency, naturally want to know how the money they invest on natural search management is being used.


This is why these agencies need to be transparent about how they manage SEO and where money is being spent, regular reports are essential in order for their clients to feel their money is being well spent.

Now let’s get back to exactly how we can measure ROI from SEO in house. The easiest way to measure this is to look at your costs associated with organic search, such as the number of salaried hours your SEO person/s spend on natural search management.

If you then compare this to the sales generated by SEO you can begin to see whether the money you earn from natural search justifies the money you put in. 

Although organic SEO is sometimes known as unpaid search, it is not ‘free’ because of the man hours that are put in. However its costs to implement and ongoing investment is far less than that of PPC advertising.

Natural search may take some time to get going so costs may have to exceed profit for a while before SEO effort begins to pay off. But the more you begin to increase traffic to your website, the more it begins to benefit your business in the long-term.

If you do not have the time or knowledge to implement your own SEO, then using the services of an quality SEO management company may be the way to see the quickest return on investment from natural search.

Cornish WebServices are an experienced SEO management company. We offer transparent and effective SEO management to our clients.

We can ensure that investment in search engine optimisation begins to show returns quickly for clients. To find out how call 0330 555 4680 today.

Published on 03/12/2012

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