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To create really good SEO you need to make sure you have quality content on your website – that is the number one rule. After all, without good content people will just leave your site without investigating what you have to offer.

However when trying to foster a good SEO policy one must not forget the importance of the more technical side of SEO. If your excellent page content is not presented properly then its value is partly wasted. You need to first optimise your site properly so this quality content can be found.

One of the most important ways of optimising your website is to make sure it looks good in the search results. In other words your heading and description should read well and grab the attention of the people you are trying to reach.

Content management systems can sometimes automatically generate a heading and description for your page, but it is worth checking that these read well and look good so that they get the attention of potential customers in the search results.

Cornish WebServices have a simple and effective content management system called the Cornish CMS. You can use this to create web page content in a simple ‘Word’ like format.

At the bottom of the CMS editing page you can automatically generate titles for your web page and also create meta descriptions – importantly you can also edit them so that they read well.

By using our CMS you can be sure that your search engine optimisation is the best it can be and that your excellent web page content will be found by the right people online.

For more information on our easy to use Cornish CMS visit the website or contact us. We can also manage your SEO so that you are getting the most from your website, for more info call 0330 555 4680.

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