SEO and Marketing Can Mix


Although SEO is a great internet marketing tool, many people believe it can be difficult to integrate with traditional offline marketing efforts. In fact SEO can be combined with traditional marketing, such as PR, in clever ways.

Traditionally PR involves writing offline press releases and articles that promote clients, which are sent to offline publications. However, these press releases can also be added onto websites and then optimised for SEO.

The best way to do this is to incorporate keywords into the headline of a press release and throughout the article body. However, don’t overdo keywords and make sure they are lower down in your press release – in order to make sure it isn't keyword stuffed.

Press releases usually have a boiler plate – a piece of repeated text about the company or product – that is used in all press releases. It can be difficult to vary the keyword links in this so it may be best to use alternative boiler plates to avoid continually linking on the same keywords in all press releases.

These are just some of the clever ways that SEO can result from your PR efforts. It is easy to combine offline and online marketing so that it benefits your business on and off the internet.

Cornish WebServices offer SEO services as well as traditional marketing such as PR. We can help you combine marketing efforts to build a great profile for your business. For more information contact us today.

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