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Often when an SEO campaign is begun the first thing people think about is getting their website to rank highly on the search engines by whatever means possible.

But remember that the content of your website always has to be high, because it is primarily a human audience you are trying to influence. Good written content will also ensure you rank highly over time too.

The quality of links that go to and from your site is also an important consideration for SEO. Inbound links should be from quality social media, blogs or articles.

You also need to monitor the number and quality of outbound links. The last thing you want is for your web pages to be stuffed full of outbound links, as this could be penalised as link farming be Google.

Because of Google’s algorithm updates it is hard to tell exactly what they consider important for search engine ranking. But one thing is certain, quality content and links will always play a part in the SEO equation.

Cornish WebServices are SEO experts. We can help companies to create websites or improve exisiting sites so that they contain reader friendly content and rank highly on the search engines.

For more information on how our SEO management can help you browse our SEO information pages.

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