The SEO Evolution


Gone are the days when SEO meant using keywords and measuring results by ranking report alone. Now the success of a campaign can be analysed in much more detail.

Ways to measure and improve SEO now include analysing link building, web analytics reports, using branded and non-branded keywords, measuring conversion rates and call tracking.

An SEO campaign also now incorporates other marketing methods, so that measuring the true value of search engine optimisation includes online and offline promotion tools.

These tools include internet marketing done on video channels such as YouTube. PR can also be part of SEO, you can incorporate the number of mentions in the press into your results.

Backlinks produced from PR efforts can also be measured as part of optimisation. Blog content that goes viral can also be taken into account when measuring SEO success.

So remember that SEO these days isn’t just about choosing the right keywords and analysing them, there are many other ways to measure how well your website is being optimised across the internet and beyond.

Cornish WebServices offer SEO consultancy and management to optimise websites. We use all the latest methods and measurements to ensure great results for our clients.

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