SEO tips: The description tag


The description tag is one of the 'meta data' that are contained within the the source code of the website. It is useful as part of natural search marketing. However we see many search agency companies stuffing this full of keywords to the detriment of search marketing.

Why is this?

The description tag is often shown by Google as part of the search results. As such it is primarily a sales tool, promoting your website to people searching the Internet. Having a results come back with loads of keywords interspaced with 'pipes' (the name for the | symbol) is not very impressive. Yet this is a technique still adopted by many major search agencies.

Instead the description tag should promote your business, whilst using some of the main keywords. Ideally it should be two short sentences or one long sentence, and it is a sales message.

Also every description tag must be unique. This make sense. If many pages have identical descriptions them presumably they are the same! At least this is Google's logic.

Using the Cornish CMS to create effective description tags

The Cornish CMS helps generate unique description tags based on the page name. When creating a new page the autogenerate symbol will populate the description tag with something helpful and something OK.

It is then a good idea to edit this to ensure it is a really good sales message.

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