SEO and Geotargeting


What is Geotargeting?

Geotargeting means targeting a smaller market segment divided by geography. This could be country specific or it could be regional or based on town, village or famous local attraction.

It is important because it enables marketing effort to be concentrated in a smaller market segment, which should reduce costs and be more effective.

This is much neglected area, and requires knowledge of both local culture and language. This type of work cannot be easily outsourced to other countries.

Geotargeting across different cultures.

This is best explained by some examples.

  1. Cornish WebServices, when marketing to the UK market are a Kent based or UK based search engine marketing company. Some of our clients are targeting the US markets. They are "English" companies from England, and hopefully located near London or Edinburgh (these towns get highest numbers of searches from US visitors).
  2. In America, Americans 'go on vacation' and stay in 'a condo'. By contrast, in the UK, English people 'go on holiday' and stay in 'self catering accommodation'.

And the above only considers the English language! When targeting people whose first language is not English it may be more appropriate to translate the website and make any local changes (currency, tradition etc).

Cornish WebServices have experience of SEO (and more general search engine marketing work including PPC management) targeted for the UK, but also the US, other English speaking countries, and Europe. Contact us for a realistic search engine marketing quotation.

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