Medical Insurance company provider gains visibility


Medical insurance and private healthcare plans are a competitive market. Patient Choice provide a competitive private healthcare policy called Patient Access and the Hospital Treatment Plan. Cornish WebServices have been helping to market these product on the Internet via search engine optimisation.

Despite the highly competitive market the Patient Choice website is now ranking on page one of Google for many important keywords such as private healthcare policy, private medical policy, private medical plans and private medical treatment. Indeed for some of these keyword phrases they are number one in the search result on the most competitive search engine, Google.

The Patient Choice website is also now visible on the second page of the search results for the high volume keyword phrases such as medical insurance.

Keyword Search Position
private healthcare policy 1
private medical policy 3
cost of private healthcare 5
private medical plans 8
private medical treatment 9
private healthcare plans 12
private health plans 13
private medical plan 2nd page
medical insurance 2nd page
private medical insurance 2nd page
private medical insurance 2nd page
private healthcare insurance 2nd page
healthcare insurance 2nd/3rd page

These are all highly competitive keyword phrases in a competitive market, most phrases with over 30 million competing pages. Gaining top places for these types of keywords requires carefully planned search engine optimisation of the website and references to the website on the Internet.

Contact Cornish WebServices for search engine optimisation to make your website more visible on the search engines.

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