Links manager Software - or how to risk losing your website ranking


  • Increase web traffic without expensive PPC
  • Increase search rankings without paying for expert SEO
  • Effective Affordable Link building

Does this sound too good to be true? Maybe it is.

Cornish WebServices have been helping website achieve number one positions on Google since 2003, so they have been in the industry long enough to see many such products and schemes come and go. Worse still, many of the link exchange programmes actually do more harm than good.

Gradually, the Google ranking algorithms are adapted to penalise these link building schemes that create large numbers of not so relevant links.

Cornish WebServices occasionally get asked to help run and optimise the LinksManager software for a client. We will not do this as in our opinion using this type of software risks the long term ranking of your website. It is true there are some products available which in the short term give benefit, but based on many years SEO experience Cornish WebServices would not risk any client website’s top position on Google through use of such software.

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