Is page content important for SEO ?


Is page content important for SEO ?

Yes! But by page content we mean what a search engine sees as page content. It is amusing to see how many shops look identical to Google. Remove the images. Remove any text in a graphic font (this is probably an image) and you will have a webpage as follows:

  • About Us
  • Our products
  • Our terms
  • Contact us
  • Shopping cart
  • Our privacy policy

The next question is "So what does the shop sell?" From looking at the rest of the website, the answer will either be "reading material" (a large number of "read more" links) or clicks ("click here"). Other links to "more info" are equally unhelpful.

Businesses are a little different, defining themselves by:

  • Home
  • Our company
  • Our Services
  • Our Products
  • Our Values
  • Contact Us

So is the business a hairdresser or an IT services provider? Not being able to see images, the search engine robots will have no idea what the page is about.

Writing page content for Search Engines

When we design websites, as standard we give advice on writing some vaguely sensible website copy to help both people and search engines tell quickly what the website is about. For further information on how to actually do this effectively, please contact Cornish WebServices for help with writing search engine optimised web copy. This will help optimise your website for increased visibility in the search engines.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Services

Cornish WebServices have been successfully marketing websites on the Internet since 2002 (before search engine optimisation became popular). Contact us for a realistic quotation to naturally optimise your website for increased visibility in the search engines.


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