Internet Marketing and the presidential election

Which candidate has the SEO edge?

Internet Marketing and the presidential election

While the Romney vs Obama the election campaign is hotting up, companies such as SEOvote have been totalling up the online activity surrounding the campaign. Although the current statistics won’t necessarily determine the outcome of the election, it is very interesting to see how internet marketing statistics such as search traffic, social media rankings could influence the election of the next president of the United States said to be the ‘most powerful man in the world.’

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The statistics from show that Obama is edging the social media battle by having more Facebook likes 31.6m to Romneys  11.6m. Obama has a much greater amount of followers but have most likely been amassed in the years running up to his previous election and current term. Although the challenger Mitt Romney has recorded more searches through search engines, Obama appears to be winning the overall online contest.

Laboon, eyeflow CEO stated that “What’s interesting to me is there is so much news out there and it’s the same talking points. When you can pull out the unbiased data and crunch the numbers; software doesn’t have a bias.”

Interestingly, Google trends data also indicated the geographical locations of search votes showing that Mitt Romney searches are mainly concentrated in Utah while Obama was more popular in Washington DC. These statistics may well be used to influence strategic direction that either candidate takes, whether they can focus on their current following or reach out to different regions.

This shows how seriously having an strong internet marketing presence is taken, as it can have a huge effect on the popularity and ‘branding’ of Obama or Romney. This online branding theory can easily be applied to businesses as the data collected using online tools, can go a long way in identifying what your customers are searching for, their geographical location and their overall buying behaviour and motives.

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Published on 02/11/2012

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