What can Hip-hop teach us about SEO?

The SEO industry have been linked to the hip hop industry in recent times when MC Hammer was rumoured to release his very home search engine Wiredoo. Spoofs and rumours aside, we can learn a lot from hip hop moguls that apply to the SEO industry.

SEO Diversification

Putting all your eggs in one basket is a sure fire way to kill your chances of longevity. Think about the success of former Def Jam CEO Jay-Z and multi-millionaire entrepreneur 50 cent. If you analyse the secret of their success you will find that music isn’t their only forte. 50 cent made fortunes in the stock market and sales of his water brand Vitamin water formula 50. Jay-Z has investments in sports teams, fashion and more. What lessons can be learnt from this?

hip hop seo Do not focus on one traffic source - search trends and business trends can change almost on a daily basis. Keep revisiting the keywords your site is being optimised for as search volumes change. Also, do not just rely on search engine traffic; there are plenty of opportunities in social media for example that can provide a source of traffic that will not necessarily change with search engine trends.

Secondly, the best musicians are particularly good at adapting and innovating their styles to stay relevant. For example, Jay-z has not only been in the music industry since 1993 but still remains extremely relevant in mainstream hip-hop, in a seemingly young industry, even at the age of 41. In the same way, SEO managers should stay ahead of the trends and adapt their strategies to appeal to real people. With this tactic you cannot go be tripped up by Google algorithm updates as appealing to real people is what Google aims to do. Keep it interesting and relevant at the same time and you will have longevity in the SEO game.

Remember, just like the music industry, SEO isn’t an easy game and taking short cuts will not bring you long term success. Just like hip-hop artists its all about how hard you work and hustle. The work you put in the will reflect your results. For more information about SEO and how an SEO agency can help you to achieve your results and stay on top of the charts call us today on 0330 555 4680.


Published on 31/01/2013

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