Google's Latest Search Updates


Google has announced a new round of updates to enhance Google search. Their search team are continually making changes, but some users question whether the changes are needed or transparent enough.

Google posts the latest changes they’ve made to search on their blog. Some readers, often SEO experts or internet marketing publications, question the changes. Are they done to make search more optimised or to benefit Google?

Recent changes include anchor text tweaks, image search changes and adaptations to navigational queries. Sometimes the changes Google makes seem a little contradictory.

For instance regarding images, Google announced that your search will now yield more images even on lower quality pages. But they also announced that they are promoting reasonably sized images on high quality landing pages.

So are they concentrating on promoting lower or higher quality landing pages when people search for images? A little confusing hey?

If you are business with an online presence the important thing to do is to always make sure your website contains high quality pages. This way, whatever search changes Google makes you can always rest assured that your website will continue to rank highly, as good quality content cannot be penalised.

Cornish WebServices are search engine optimisation experts. We continually monitor and evaluate Google’s updates to ensure we are passing the knowledge onto our customers, through skillful SEO management of their websites.

For more information on our expert search engine optimisation services browse the SEO information pages on our website.

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