Google's Pirate Penalty


Google is clamping down on copyright offenders. It is altering search to de-emphasize ranking results of websites that it considers to be repeat copyright offenders.

It wants to reduce the amount of pirate music and movies online with this move, helping to satisfy the Hollywood film studios and big music producers that have been complaining about piracy for years.

The search alteration will also make it easier for the public to find legitimate providers of music and films online.

Sites with copyright infringement complaints against them will suffer from this move. Many people have said that sites like You Tube could suffer because they receive a lot of copyright infringement complaints.

Google says that they are ‘treating YouTube like any other site in search rankings. That said, we don’t expect this change to demote results for popular user-generated content sites.’

The new policy is being implemented from next week. How this will affect a variety of sites that post music and film only time will tell.

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