Google Encrypts Signed In Search


For those with a Google account, searches are now encrypted if you are signed in.

Searches are performed on a signed in socket layer (SSL) and don’t pass on the search term referrer data. However search data will still be passed on to advertisers who use the PPC Google AdWords product.

Google’s claim that this move protects users privacy and creates a more secure web experience seems to be counteracted by the fact that you can only receive SEO data if you pay to use Google’s products.

For more information on Google’s latest changes read the following article in Search Engine Watch:

Google has made a major change to the way secure search works for signed in users of its services. If a user is signed into a Google account, any search performed will now be done on a secure socket layer (SSL) and will no longer pass the search term referrer data. However, Google have also said that search term referrer data will be passed to advertisers who use their pay-per-click product.


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