Don't Get De-Indexed By Google

If you are unlucky enough to be de-indexed by Google then your website would suddenly disappear from the search engine. You may search in vain to find yourself but to no avail.

Being de-indexed by Google can mean that all your hard search engine optimisation work is wasted. However, it is pretty difficult to get de-indexed by Google so don’t worry.

As long as you employ legitimate SEO methods, like quality content writing and strategic keyword use, then you don’t need to worry. Google is not looking to penalise those who have quality website content.SEO white hat

Old SEO tricks like link buying are what can get you de-indexed by Google. This practice is now a big no no in the eyes of the world’s most popular search engine. Large companies like J C Penny have been penalised by Google for link buying, but avoided being de-indexed.

This was extremely damaging for the online retailer as search is the number one way to drive traffic to a website. Link buying is by no means the only way a website can get penalised or even de-indexed by Google.

Other poor SEO practices such as using duplicate content or keywords that are unrelated to your web page content can also get websites into trouble. Repeated offenders using these practices are likely to get de-indexed.

All these poor or ‘black hat’ SEO practices are worth avoiding if you want your website to remain in a healthy position on the Google search engine. Remember quality content is king and there is just no avoiding that fact if you don’t want to get penalised or de-indexed by Google.

Cornish WebServices offer SEO advice and management services to our clients. We employ only good or ‘white hat’ SEO practices in order to ensure our client’s websites feature high on Google and remain there.

For more information browse our SEO info pages and if you are interested in finding out more contact us today.

Published on 06/12/2012

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