Tips to Counteract Google Algorithm Changes


Google’s latest algorithm changes have significantly affected some websites’ page rankings and now SEO experts are offering tips to counteract them.

Nicknamed the ‘Panda Update’, the changes have caused ripples throughout the online community. Many feel the search engine updates label their websites as content farms when they are actually providing informative articles. Google maintains the changes have improved overall search quality.

Read this article in smallbiz technology for tips on how to combat the Google algorithm changes:

SEO is one of the biggest topics today, and one of the most inexact sciences in online marketing. If you do a search for “SEO” on Google, and it’ll return 576 million results while “SEO marketing” will give you sixteen million.

Search Engine Optimization is big business!

So what happens when Google alters their search ranking algorithms –which they do often– and you find your website and your business are now collateral damage under the sanitized term “metrics.”

Written by Delena Silverfox, March 23 2011.

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