Gideon Hillman Sees Great SEO Results


Gideon Hillman - the supply-chain, logistics and warehouse consultants – have seen stunning SEO results recently.

The number of visits to their website in October went up by over 40% compared to the previous month.

The number of inbound links due to Cornish WebServices SEO and online marketing work went up 500% in a month.

The goal conversions for Gideon Hillman were also up over 53% compared to September figures.

This is great news for the B2B consultancy firm and shows that our SEO maintenance of their website is really bringing benefits.

We ensure our clients websites are optimised using a number of different SEO management techniques, including keyword optimisation.

We want their websites to be found by the right visitors who will become future customers.

For more information about Gideon Hillman's logistics consultancy services visit their website.

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