Engagement Marketing

Being able to engage your audience once they visit your website is often a daunting task, once the traffic has arrived at your site this is one hurdle crossed but how can you get they to stay and engage within your site.

 Since the Penguin/Panda updates engagement metrics have become very important. It is believed that in order for a site to have decent rankings you need to avoid being bounced by your audience. Trying to pull audience in deeper into the site the audience must be engaged so that they want to do this. Optimizing for engagement will be beneficial weather engagement metrics has an impact on rankings or not.  This article will discuss ways in which you can optimize for visitor engagement.


With the amount of competitors and visitors having more and more options it can be difficult to engage for a long period of time on a single website. The easiest and most common way of trying to engage with your audience is through good content, decent and knowledgeable content on subject matter is often the way forward. However, a problem with content based approaches is that it assumes your audience wants to read long pieces of interesting content and that they are somewhat a passive recipient of published information. 

Encouraging participation instead of just delivering content is a brilliant way to engage with your audience. As the internet is moving towards a place where you can build relationships as well as gather information. Social media is an example of this happening; information is shown in many different ways on different social media platforms and normally put out there for others (normally friends) to engage about this information. 

To conclude, you must consider what your target market would enjoy on your website, is there something you could do to make them more engaged? If you have a idea then why not test it out and see if it has any effect on your site. 

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Published on 05/12/2012

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