Cornish WebServices promote Faversham based International Air Charter on the Internet


Cornish WebServices are to help promote Faversham based International Air Charter on the Internet

 International Air Charter provide private charter flights for executives enabling them to travel quickly in first class luxury.

International Air Charter are now one of the largest independent aircraft charter brokers in the world, providing an international charter service.

Cornish WebServices have been asked to improve the visibility of their websites on the Internet, and help with multilingual website development. They are working alongside Oban Multilingual strategy providing multilingual search engine optimisation and online marketing. Cornish WebServices are able to translate and create websites in languages such as Russian, French, Dutch, Arabic and German, and have experience in optimising websites for the local search markets. Within the SEO team and website developers Cornish WebServices have people who know many different languages and have servers for hosting websites located in several different countries (useful for SEO).

Further information on search engine optimisation and internet marketing is available from Cornish WebServices. The Internet marketplace is now divided into different language and geographically located search markets and an effective Internet marketing policy must take into consideration both differences in the search markets (search engines have different market shares in different countries) and also language and cultural differences which affect the search market.

For example the search markets in the US and the UK are very different. So also is the European English speaking market from the UK search market.

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