How to Beat Google's Search Algorithm Changes


Want to know how to counteract Google's algorithm changes?

Many online businesses are concerned about their website dropping down the rankings in light of the fact that Google are rumoured to be making as many as 550 changes to their search algorithms this year.

A big change last winter was the Panda or Farmer update, which caused a number of leading websites Google rankings to drop. For instance Ezine Articles lost 90% of their visibility on the search engine. Google’s attempt at weeding out content farms meant that a number of unsuspecting Ezines got caught in the fray.

The focus should now be on publishing high quality content and finding other ways to move your business to the top of the search rankings. For more tips on improving Google rankings read Social Media Examiner:

Wondering how to respond to Google’s recent algorithm changes (known as Panda)?

Keep reading to find out.

In an interview with Wired Magazine, Udi Manber, Google’s head of search, said that Google will make as many as 550 changes to its search algorithm this year. One of the bigger changes happened this past winter in what has been called the Panda or Farmer update.

Written by Jim Lodico, 27th June 2011.

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