Why Use Leaflets?


In this age of high speed internet, wireless, smartphone and bluetooth, why would anyone still bother using physical leaflets for promotions or information?

Leaflets are still regarded as one of most affordable and effective methods of promotion. They are designed with the specific purpose of handing them out to your targeted markets in an attempt to promote your product, service, or organisation. They can also be distributed by inserting them into newspapers or magazines, or by leaving them in popular places where people are likely to take or see one. It is even possible to have outdoor leaflet dispensers to provide park maps or event promotions; Fitzpatrick Woolmer’s Ammonite™ line is quite nice for this.

With leaflets, you can present information effectively and impress your target market into choosing to use your organisation over the competition, or simply get them to properly absorb the information presented if that is the purpose of the leaflet. If the customers do not find time to read them initially, leaflets are easily folded and safe, ready for future use. When the targeted customers find your leaflets alluring and take them to their respective homes, it certainly signifies that they will devote more time in absorbing the content and will definitely act on it in the near future.

Once you distribute leaflets or otherwise send them to your customers, you can rest assured that they will indeed be read by many more person than the one which was recipient of the leaflet.

If your targeted customers find the content of the leaflet appealing, they usually act upon it by telling their friends, family and colleagues, or by passing on the leaflet to others directly (or even just leaving it on the work coffee table). You thus gain more exposure and win extra customers without lifting an extra finger. The joy of leaflets is that if you make them well enough beforehand, they could end up responding by doing even more than first intended.

For outdoor leaflet dispensers which are weather resistant and easy to use, try visiting www.fwdp.co.uk.

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