Using Waymarking Signs


When you go out for a walk in the countryside or around a town, you often need signs to show you which direction to go in. This is where waymarking provides essential information. These signs are located in strategic areas in the countryside or town centre to inform people of directions and distance.

Traditionally, waymarking signage was made of wood. But often in the countryside these signs would get damaged or rot due to being situated in a harsh environment where they were not tended to. These days waymarking signs are often made of recycled plastic or metal, providing a more durable and weatherproof option.

Waymarking signs are available in different shapes and sizes including Waymarking Posts, Waymarking Discs and Finger Posts. Fingerposts can have many signs pointing in multiple directions on one single post. They are commonly used in town or city centres to give people directions to different attractions like museums, churches, shops etc.

Waymarking posts are simpler and usually consist of a post marked with arrows to show direction or information symbols to indicate bridleways, byways or bicycle access. They offer simple information and provide a solid and sturdy marker that lasts for years.

Waymarking discs are designed to complement other waymarking signs. They are discs that offer extra bits of information, for instance a no smoking sign. They can also be used to add a new piece of information to a waymarking post that is already in situ.

Waymarking discs are often made of self adhesive vinyl so they are weather resistant. Waymarking posts and fingerposts can also be made of sturdier, weather proof materials these days - as an alternative to wood.

Waymarking posts can be made of recycled plastic for better weather proofing. Fingerposts can be made of wood and plastic but also metal. Metal fingerposts offer a traditional look and are highly durable for places where they could deteriorate over time, like city centres.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer provide a range of waymarking signs in a range of materials; including traditional wood, metal and recycled plastic. They offer a great range of quality signs at reasonable prices - including Waymarking posts, Fingerposts and Waymarking discs. For more information visit their website to browse their great range of signs.

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